Kroger, Walmart Hike Prices on COVID At-Home Tests

Wednesday, January 5, 2022 – Home COVID-19 testing can now come at a higher price, depending on where you buy it.

Kroger and Walmart have been selling test kits at cost or at a discount of up to 35% for 100 days after striking a deal with the US federal government, CBS News mentioned. That ended in mid-December, and now some retailers have raised prices.

At-home test kits already had higher prices at other retail chains that had not pledged to sell them at cost.

Walmart has held the $14 minimum price for a box of two tests longer than agreed, even after the holidays, a company spokesperson said. CBS MoneyWatch. She now sells Binax Now Test Kits from Abbott for $19.88 online.

“We have seen significant demand for in-home COVID-19 testing kits and are working closely with our suppliers to meet that demand and deliver the required product to our customers,” a Walmart spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, a Kroger spokesperson said that “the pricing program has now been phased out and retail pricing has been reinstated” after fulfilling his commitment to the Biden administration.

Kroger is now selling a Binax Now Home COVID-19 Test Kit in its stores, pharmacies, and online for $23.99. It is currently sold online. The spokesperson said Kroger also sells Quidel’s QuickVue test in its non-pharmacy stores.

Walmart also sells a Quick On/Go Self-Test Kit from Intrivo Diagnostics that is available at for $29.99 for a box of two kits. Ro co-founder and CEO Zacharias Retano said the test kits, made by the healthcare company Ro, best known for its hair loss and ED products, were among its top three sellers during the holidays. CBS MoneyWatch.

“Our patients have been asking for tests, and we have partnered with On/Go test makers to provide them with them,” said Ritano. “They invested tremendously in manufacturing capacity even as cases ebb and flow, in the potential case where there was a more contagious variant spreading rapidly.”

Other retailers, such as pharmacy chain CVS Health, have been selling test kits for $23.99 a box all the time, according to CBS MoneyWatch. This retailer is also currently sold on online collections.

Demand for the test is high as the Omicron variant is spreading rapidly across the country. The variant now includes 95% of cases in the United States, according to an estimate from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Rapid test kits are sold almost everywhere online, according to, which tracks product availability. Pre-orders are available for some.

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