America’s ToothFairy – 6 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Good Dental Health

Holiday gift is just around the corner. Wouldn’t you love to give your kids some gifts that could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run? When kids practice good dental hygiene, they can prevent the costly (and painful) consequences of tooth decay.

That’s why Santa and The Tooth Fairy teamed up to compile this list of fun stocking stuffers to keep kids’ smiles healthy. (And they’ll love them, too!)

ToothFairy USA does not endorse any product or brand. The products listed below are just examples of ways that parents can funnel oral hygiene and encourage healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Consult your family dentist about what works best for your child.

Flavored toothpastes

While the tried-and-true flavors of toothpaste will keep their mouths fresh, why not replace them with new ones? Hello Oral Care toothpaste is available in chewing gum, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon and apple.


If your kids don’t floss every day, 45% of their tooth surfaces aren’t cleaned! Dental hygienists recommend dental floss such as the GUM Crayola Kids Dental Floss, which makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas where plaque buildup can lead to inflammation, bleeding and gingivitis. Easy for little hands to manipulate and get between the teeth and under the gum line. (Read more about how to make flossing a healthy habit your kids will keep.)

Older children and teens – especially those with braces – can try using water floss! When used correctly, it can be more effective at cleaning than traditional floss. Check out this one from Pop Sonic. (Plus, for every Pop Sonic product purchased, they’ll donate a manual toothbrush to a child in need through our Dental Resource Program!)


It’s important to replace toothbrushes when worn out (this is about every 3 months if your children brush twice daily as recommended) or after illness. There are many options for a manual toothbrush, but the most important thing is for children to brush well for two minutes, especially after eating the sticky sweets that often appear on holidays.

If you’re opting for a standard manual toothbrush, include this handy bathroom timer from Honwell. You play music for a set amount of time for both brushing and hand washing, to help make sure your child is rid of harmful germs and bacteria!

This Oral-B manual toothbrush lights up for 2 minutes so kids know how long to brush. (It also has a handy suction cup at its base to keep it upright when not in use.)

You can find simple battery-operated toothbrushes that help kids brush their teeth for two minutes at most supermarkets, drugstores, and supermarkets. Or you might want to try the new BriteBrush GameBrush. Game technology is used to track the position of the toothbrush and help children learn proper technique. The indicator light helps parents know if the children have brushed their teeth properly.

Sonic technology has become more affordable. This PopSonic Toothbrush is compact and comes in fun colors. (Additional bonus: With every purchase, Pop Sonic will donate a manual toothbrush to ToothFairy of America to distribute to kids who need it!)

If your child splits time between two homes, make sure they have a toothbrush in every home or provide a cover that protects them from germs and bacteria, like this one from Steripod. Or, if you’re going during the holidays, travel sized hygiene packages will come in handy!

breath fresheners

Decay-causing bacteria also live on your child’s tongue! (They cause bad breath.) These cute scrapers look like colorful and easy-to-use lollipops for kids.

Chewing sugar-free gum not only freshens breath, but also helps produce saliva in the mouth, which helps keep teeth clean between brushing teeth. Or give them Listerine soluble mouthwash tablets.

sweet treats

It’s hard to avoid sugary temptations during the holidays, which can damage your child’s teeth! Add some tooth-friendly options in her stocking and she won’t miss any of the junk.

Replace sweet and acidic soft drinks that destroy enamel with flavored water. Try Mio Water Enhancers with tap water or bottled water in sugar-free flavors and bubbles like this one from Deer Park. If they insist on a soft drink, give them cool silicone pipettes. They’re reusable and eco-friendly, and will help reduce the amount and length of time acidic and sugary drinks wash your child’s teeth.

Since hard candies take a long time to melt and thus soak the teeth in sugar for longer periods of time, replace them with sugar-free options such as mint candy canes. Or choose chocolate because it melts quickly and is easy to clean off the teeth.

Avoid any candy, caramel or other sticky candy that sticks to the teeth like gum! And of course you can easily get a lot of healthy snacks like cheese, fruits and nuts.

Other fun things

Younger children can learn about good oral health habits while also learning to read! brush he the book This is perfect for toddlers and comes with cute finger puppets that make brushing fun (and forming habits) for little ones. Or check out this great list of books for all ages compiled by a dentist.

If your child plays sports (or plays rough) be sure to protect them from injury with a new device mouth guard. Shock Doctor offers tons of fun colors and even flavors! Or protect their lips from the cold winter air with it lip balm Regular or fun flavors.

Finally, if your child is expecting a visit from The Tooth Fairy soon, check out the cute and notepad tooth pillow, The Toothless Monster, a wonderful book and stuffed toy that offers a new twist on tooth loss, or find more fun ways to visit The Tooth Fairy (and Santa ) more magically.

We hope these suggestions have inspired you to find ways to encourage healthy habits during the holidays and in the coming New Year! Find more information on teaching kids about proper dental hygiene in the blog posts below, or subscribe to dental tips, our quarterly newsletter for parents and caregivers.

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