Technogym MyRun Review: The Best Home Treadmill If Money Is No Object

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The Technogym MyRun is pricey but offers runners more than any other treadmill, with a feature-packed partner app, connectivity to third-party apps like Zwift, and a solid spec sheet that includes a powerful motor and a top speed of 20 km/h.

to against
Feature-rich partner app Expensive
Good speed and incline Not as stable as heavy machinery
Powerful 3.0CHP Engine
Contact Zwift
Space saving design

For a long time, runners who exercise indoors have been the envy of cyclists who do the same. While treadmills have historically been simple machines, cyclists have been able to connect their gym bikes to virtual worlds through apps like Zwift, and have had the option of enjoying first-class guided classes through the likes of Peloton and Echelon.

Treadmills have been catching up, though, and Technogym MyRun offers a range of entertainment options to help keep you engaged while you run, including guided lessons and the ability to link directly to virtual training apps like Zwift and Rouvy.

All of this comes at a high cost. MyRun alone costs £3,250 and to unlock all content in partner Technogym Live for an additional £8.99 a month. Free users still get a great deal of classes in the app, so I’d say an extra subscription isn’t really necessary to enjoy MyRun.


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MyRun is a surprisingly compact machine due to its technical specifications. It has a top speed of 20 km/h and a mileage range of 12%, powered by a 2.5-3.0 CHP engine. The running belt wasn’t the largest I’ve come across, but at 143 x 50cm it was large enough to comfortably accommodate me as a 183cm runner even when training at the fullest pace available.

On the console, you have two fins to control speed and slope, as well as a central on/off fin—though the machine turns itself on when you step on it, which is impressive and disarmed. The MyRun’s minimal design is great for smaller homes, since it doesn’t dominate the space in it – something you might expect from a treadmill with this spec – but it does make the whole device feel a little less powerful when you first turn it on. I have no concerns about the actual durability of the MyRun, but it is less stable to run at high speeds than the larger machines.

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You can mount a tablet on top of the console using the wire shelf, or place it in the middle of the console itself. When using the stand, you can pull the clip from the back of the console to hold your tablet in place on the rack, a clever part of the design and totally needed to stop the tablet from falling off mid-run.

There are quite a few bugs with MyRun devices. It has the specifications of a commercial treadmill in a stripped-back machine which is more suitable for home use.

Technogym Live App

The partner app is pretty much central to MyRun’s success – if you don’t intend to use the features in the app, you can get similar-spec hardware for well under £3,250. Even the free version of the app has enough categories to keep you running for months. You’ll also find other features like customized workouts and scenic outdoor tours to enjoy.

Within the app, chapters come in two flavors. There are the usual teacher-led exercises, called “sessions” in the app, and there are also “routines”. With the latter, you can start the class and the app will automatically change the speed and incline of the treadmill as it progresses. For those, you don’t really have to keep the class on screen.

This means you can start the class, then stream Netflix on your tablet and watch a TV show while the class continues in the background. It’s an impressive option for people who want a guided session as well as on-the-go entertainment and only have one screen available. With the routine, you can also adjust the time you want the class to last in advance (10-20, or 40 minutes), as well as set your fitness level so changes in speed and inclination provide an appropriately challenging workout.

You can also set your level for teacher-led classes. As you follow them on the screen there are button shortcuts for the suggested speed and tilt you can use, which makes life easier compared to holding the fins to get to the right speed. In the classes I’ve tried, the teachers have done a good job of crossing the fine line between motivating and teasing, and while the variety between classes isn’t great—it’s mostly periods of some sort using tilt and velocity—there are enough options to help you mix up your training each week.

The app also has the option to create your own custom workout, with step goals based on distance or time. The workout builder is easy to use and this is a really useful feature for runners like me who follow a training plan with specific exercises every week.

There are also outdoor scenic tours in the app for something more relaxing, and other types of classes you can take including strength, yoga, and stretching sessions.

You can also link the Technogym Live app to Strava, so not only does your workouts load automatically, but the app can also grab and recreate your Strava workouts indoors, complete with slash changes that match what you’ve done in the real world. Maybe it’s not a feature you use frequently, but it’s an interesting idea and will be useful for people who do the same race every year and want to run sections of it, or the entire track, in advance while they train.

On top of all these in-app features, Technogym MyRun easily connects via Bluetooth to Zwift. I’ve found that you can’t use the Zwift app and the Technogym Live app at the same time, so you can choose one or the other for each run. If I choose Zwift, I have found the connection to be stable throughout my runs. You can also link the treadmill to the Rouvy app if this is your preferred default training option.

Should you buy it?

The Technogym MyRun is the best home treadmill I’ve come across. It’s quite expensive, though, so if you just look at the specs it offers, there are much cheaper options available like the DKN EnduRun or one of the JTX Sprint series (DKN is also associated with Zwift).

Technogym goes beyond those with other categories and features available in the partner app, although you can take lessons in the field with the Peloton Tread, which also has a built-in screen and costs £2,295. However, the Peloton subscription is much more expensive at £40 a month.

It’s the combination of features that make Technogym MyRun stand out. It offers reliable hardware, good connectivity, and endless entertainment through the app, all in a surprisingly compact device. If you have the money, it’s the device you can get.

Purchase from Technogym | 3250 GBP

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