WW Review: I Lost 10kg Using The New Weight Watchers App

Towards the end of the last closure I finally reached the climax of the abdomen. Months of confinement inside, treating myself to Deliveroo lunches, daily pasta dinners, and a beer or four, which means the sofa is seriously rocking every time I sit down.

Something had to be done. The problem was that I didn’t have much success with diets. I have tried a few times since the weight started staying off, but the weight loss has never occurred. I’m tired of monotonous meals or foolish calorie counts that make every dish a chore. Mostly, I can’t bring myself to eat less.

So when Coach asked me to try the WW app, I didn’t really think it would work because I’m on a bad diet. However, I am happy to say WW worked for me. I really did. In four months, I’ve lost more weight than I’ve been able to achieve in 20 years. She is, as they say, the bomb.

10 kg bomb actually. Ten kilograms seems kind of a lot. I feel a lot when I look at my lost belly, but didn’t really realize how much it really was until my mom bought 3.5kg salmon for dinner. It was a tough fish, much bigger than I put it in the oven. He fed 10 of us easily. Later, as I ate my moderate helping, accompanied by a towering portion of salad, I thought that, until recently, I had been walking around with three of these feral fish strapped to my torso.

So why did it work so well? I have three big reasons.

The biggest one is that the WW app is easy to use. When you sign up, you answer 20 questions about what you like to eat, how much weight you want to lose, and your age and height. I’ve put on one of three off-the-shelf plans, but as of 2022, each person’s plan is unique.

My plan said I could eat as many vegetables and fruits as I liked, and I had to put everything else into a daily points budget. Meal logging was easy, especially since I quickly realized that if I only ate salad, I wouldn’t even need to log anything. The interface was fast and intuitive, and the app worked really well.

The second reason was that the diet was working better. I wasn’t hungry because motivated by what I could eat at no cost, I completely changed my eating habits. I’d totally drop the sandwiches, pasta and rice. Instead it was sauerkraut, fresh vegetables and lentils on the plate. With the help of the app, I did it almost without thinking about it and four months later, I’m still eating differently than before.

The final reason I find the diet easy to keep up is the points system itself. It is great and easy to understand. I was allowed 40 points a day. Some expensive foods: a pint of beer, say, seven points. Some foods are wonderfully cheap: Bacon Rusher is just one point. Rather than counting calories, having this simple criterion made it easier to know what habits to change and how much healthy to eat in the day. My appetite diminished to match my portion sizes.

In addition to diet assistance, the WW app offers many other features. These range from slightly annoying ads (WW product ads) to helpful (encouraged weighing once a week rather than focusing daily). There’s a lot more besides: recipes, workout videos, support groups, and tips from coaches and other people who use WW.

This was not suitable for me. This is partly because I’m trying to limit the time I spend on my phone, and partly because I’ve been doing so well on my singles diet I didn’t feel like I needed that extra push.

I can see how useful this support is. A few months ago, another friend noticed my success with WW and decided to join the same. We’ve been texting each other recipes, and the dash of healthy competition made the experience even more enjoyable. If you are looking for it, you can find this type of companion in the app as well.

One thing I didn’t mention is the price. There are options for every budget, including different levels of support. You may or may not find this extra help helpful – but I did find that the basic weight loss app was enough for me. If you sign up for a six-month contract, the first three months are free, making the cost just over £50 in total.

If you want to lose weight, I hope you do. Without a doubt, this is the best diet I have ever followed. It is easy to use and effective. I feel lighter and happier, and I eat better. My kids eat better, too. My long-suffering sofa is grateful.

If I ever need to go on another diet, I’ll gladly pay the subscription (which I didn’t have to this time) to do it all over again.

But I hope I don’t have to. WW has changed the way I eat – and I don’t see myself going back to the bad old ways again.

Join the digital program WW | £14.95 a month | Download the WW app from the App Store or Google Play

WW’s latest software is called PersonalPoints, as no two plans are alike. To find out more, visit ww.com/uk

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