5 Steps to Make More Money with Your Online Offers

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After more than a decade of teaching online, I can tell you that making big money is often the result of doing fewer things with more focus.

I’ve gotten to the extreme when watching talented people navigate the internet because they’re either focusing on too many things or the wrong things with that.

It makes me excited!

If you are reading this, I know that you have experience and that it is within you to use that experience to help people with making a significant income that supports your life. The biggest problem today is that there are a lot of shiny things that distract people from achieving real success and getting what they want.

If you are not sure what to do next with your online business, start with these 5 steps…

5 steps to make more money with your online offers

1. Pick one product or service and go with it before you think about anything else.

The key word here is one. Do not try to create multiple offers at the same time. If you’re not sure what your one thing is, it’s because you haven’t had the proper business training. Pick one result that you can get from people and build on it.


…I know you can get a lot of results for people!

You are talented and you can help people with many things! Heal their gut, manage their hormones, help them get a date or leave their disastrous marriage, rule their living quarters, and be their dogs hiss at the same time. I am here to tell you lovingly, you cannot (and should not try) to be all things to all people. You don’t have to teach everything you know! (What a relief!)

Making good money (and owning a business you love) comes from having one great offer that sells well and creates happy customers. a period.

2. Abandon sunk costs!

My God, for the love of all things sacred you must learn to let go of sunk costs. These are Business 101, but unfortunately, most people either skip that day in class or never take a proper business degree.

The sunk cost is the money I spent (it’s already gone and won’t come back) but it wasn’t worth it. Bless and set him free.

For example, if you think, “But I spent the money on the other business program, so I won’t be joining Elizabeth’s Online Business Accelerator even though it’s exactly what I need,” You need a (very loving) business lesson.

Don’t stop yourself from investing in your business just because you’ve spent the money elsewhere. I continue to invest at least $20,000 annually in personal and business development and this has always resulted in increased income.

I once spent $5,000 on a getaway that I got nothing from. I was upset (and upset!) but life went on and I’m still here. Investing in your education and growth is part of making big money.

You know what could be prohibitively expensive? A service program you’ve been trying to sell for months (or years!). If you haven’t generated significant profits yet, you need to rethink your offer or your offer structure.

Sunk costs are part of the business. We all deal with them. Don’t let huge costs sink your business, now or in the future.

3. Validate your offer/service (what you plan to sell) before putting too much effort into it.

Jah. This really gets me. I know all online certifications and tutoring programs have good intentions, but some help you become a health coach (or life coach or business coach) and then tell you to start building a long, long program. It can work, but it can fail miserably.

Whether you are a coach, graphic designer, medical professional or other service provider, You must validate the minimum applicable bid before spending time creating it. This will save you a lot of time, money and heartache in the future.

4. Never say “priorities” again.

Did you know that the word “priority” means to be singular? There is no such thing as priorities. Make it your goal to accomplish one small thing each day and you’ll be way off the curve.

Success does not happen in one day. Success is the culmination of many small steps taken over time. Now, it can happen quickly, but it’s not all at once. You can make huge progress in 12 weeks if you take one small action step each day.

5. Invest in yourself by working with a coach and mentor. Create what you want.

Surround yourself with people who have what you want and you will get what you want too. Joining a small group training program five years ago has taken me from an online “big hit” to an online “big hit”. You cannot do everything alone. Line up with people who have what you want in order to grow.

Whether you work with me or someone else (actually, please choose what works best for you!), you need to learn from someone who has created the style of work you want. I’m here to help online business owners who want to make more money in 2022 by creating sales pitches. If you want to train me in 2022, I’d like to help you.

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