NH House Approves Marijuana Legalization (Again), WA Therapeutic Psilocybin Bill Filed, More… (2/7/22)

Kansas Democrats are proposing constitutional amendments to legalize medical and recreational marijuana, an Indiana lawmaker introduces a medical marijuana bill, and more.

Psilocbyin mushrooms may be legalized for therapeutic purposes under Washington state law. (Creative Commons)

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Kansas Democrats announced a plan to legalize marijuana and constitutional amendments to medical marijuana. House Minority Leader Tom Sawyer (D-D) and Assistant Minority Leader Jason Probst (D-D) announced Thursday that they will introduce a pair of constitutional amendments to put issues of marijuana legalization and access to medical marijuana directly to voters. Neighborhood Democratic lawmakers in Iowa announced a similar move earlier this week. Republican-led legislatures in both states have blocked further marijuana law reforms, but Democrats hope the legislatures will at least pass the measures and allow voters to decide.

New Hampshire House votes again to legalize marijuana. For the third time since 2019, the House of Representatives has approved a marijuana legalization bill, this year’s version of HB629-FN. The bill would allow adults to own up to three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants. It can be traded, given away, or not sold. The House passed a broader bill that would have allowed taxable and regulated sales in 2019, only to see them die in the Senate. And a bill similar to this one passed in 2020, to die in the Senate. Governor Chris Sunono (right) opposes legalization, but the law passed the House of Representatives with a veto-blocking majority. Now heading to the Senate.

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Indiana Lawmaker Files Medical Marijuana Bill. State Senator Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis Democrat) introduced a bill to allow the use of medical marijuana in the state. The measure, Senate Bill 231, would create a medical marijuana program where patients and caregivers with physician recommendations could possess and use marijuana. It will also establish a regulatory body to oversee the programme. Prospects are uncertain in the Republican-dominated state legislature.


Washington state legislators file psilocybin therapy law. State Senators Jesse Salomon (D) and Liz Lovellette (D) introduced a bill that would allow people to use psilocybin and psilocin, the psychoactive ingredients in magic mushrooms, with the help of a state-trained and licensed psilocybin services official. The bill, Senate Bill 5660, is entitled Psilocybin Wellness and Opportunity Act. People will have to go to a licensed service center to participate, unless they have certain medical conditions or are unable to travel, in which case they can receive psilocybin at home and meet a facilitator remotely. Under the bill, the state health department will issue licenses and regulate the new industry. The act would create the Washington Psilocybin Advisory Board within the department to advise on issues such as available scholarly and social research, best practices for supported use as well as the bill’s Social Opportunities Program criteria.

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