Peloton And Adidas Launch Digi Move Activewear Collection

Two of the biggest names in the fitness industry have worked together to create a 19-piece capsule collection that celebrates the digital fitness community.

The Spring/Summer 22 collection is available to buy now and consists of workout wear as well as unisex recovery pieces. While this is the third collection released by the fitness giants, it is the first to feature a basic gym apparel.

For women, there’s a choice of a short or long workout jacket (£28), as well as a sports bra (£38) and leggings (£60), while men can pair a workout shirt with shorts (both £38). Workout wear features adidas HEAT.RDY Technology – a blend of materials, brim, and moisture wicking treatments that combine to keep you cooler while you work out.

The shorts, leggings, and bra feature a geometric pattern that might sound familiar to Peloton owners, as the bike’s brand graphics and icons served as inspiration for the designers.

Comfortable fresh wear extends over a sweatshirt (£63) and a pair of joggers (£60) that are perfect for warm-ups and warm-ups, as well as a stylish bomber jacket (£78).

We’re happy to report that the set is also available in a comprehensive range of sizes (Adidas is one of my favorite brands of plus-size running apparel).

The stylish new collection is available on the Peloton and adidas websites, as well as select adidas stores in the UK, US, Canada and Germany.

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