America’s ToothFairy – Smile Drive Volunteers and Donors Make 2021 Campaign Amazing!

Although it is preventable, caries is the leading chronic childhood disease in America. Unfortunately, many low-income families lack basic dental hygiene products in their homes. When children cannot brush their teeth every day to keep their smiles healthy, the pain of tooth decay can prevent them from eating, sleeping and going to school. Their poor … Read more

America’s ToothFairy – Protect Your Teen’s Smile from Internet Influencers

It’s no secret that the internet and social media can be risky for vulnerable children. From unrealistic beauty standards and downright foolish “challenges,” threats to mental health and physical well-being are everywhere. Here’s another potential danger to add to the list: Internet influencers. Seasoned social media personalities who have amassed a large audience and can … Read more

America’s ToothFairy – Our More Smiles Campaign is a Better Way to Restore Smiles in 2021

In October, we detailed four ways the dental nonprofits that make up our Dental Resource Program (DRP) members have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus shutdown and what we’re doing to help them get back on their feet again. In addition to the prohibitive costs of reopening, staff reductions, and near-impossible community outreach, DRP members … Read more

America’s ToothFairy – 4 of the Biggest Challenges Nonprofit Clinics Face After COVID

It’s fair to say that very few businesses have been spared the ill effects of the COVID-19 economic shutdown. Some have experienced more severe financial losses than others, including dental practices. However, imagine whether the financial success of your dental practice or small business depends mostly on the generosity of people who will never take … Read more

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Oral Health? [VIDEO]

Originally published November 2020. Updated November 2021. As of 2018, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that 34.2 million people in the United States live with diabetes, with 7.3 million adults unaware they have diabetes. These are particularly scary statistics given that most of us know that diabetes can lead to a host of … Read more