NJ Governor Signs Syringe Access Expansion Bills, Thailand to Decriminalize Marijuana, More… (1/18/22)

It’s January, marijuana bills are coming fast and furious, a Utah bill would create a drug treatment task force, and more. Gary Chambers, the Louisiana Senate candidate, gets caught up in his first campaign ad. (Youtube) marijuana policy Introducing a marijuana legalization bill in Delaware. State Democrats are back again with a marijuana legalization bill. … Read more

At-Home COVID Tests Accurate for Ki​ds: Study

TUESDAY, January 18, 2022 – Despite earlier concerns that home COVID-19 tests might be less accurate than PCR tests, new research on children and teens in the United States adds to the evidence that rapid tests are accurate. Extremely. The accuracy of the tests – which can be used at home and schools and provide … Read more

COVID-19 Treatments: What You Need to Know

TUESDAY, Jan 18, 2022 — Two years into the pandemic, coronavirus treatments like monoclonal antibodies and antiviral tablets have been approved to treat COVID-19, but it’s hard to track which ones still work, experts say. For example, monoclonal antibody cocktails are approved for emergency use in the treatment of COVID-19, but some do not work … Read more

Politics Clouds Folks’ Views on COVID Rules, Global Survey Confirms

TUESDAY, Jan 18, 2022 — A new study confirms that people’s political views influence their opinions of COVID-19 policies, but researchers also found that trusted expert advice can transcend those political biases. “These findings underscore how important it is to get communications from scientific sources that are not viewed as political and to keep prominent … Read more

The Best Homemade Bath Salts (Under 10 Minutes!)

It’s self-care season, my friends. And what does that mean? Homemade bath salts, of course! Homemade bath salts not only make a great project to pamper yourself with a little self-care at home, but they also make the perfect DIY gift for almost any occasion. Plus, it’s very easy to make and incredibly budget friendly! … Read more

Do You Feel Old? It Could Be Aging You

Written by Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter > A recent study found that people who believe their bodies and minds will break down with age may have created a self-fulfilling prophecy, Tuesday, January 18, 2022. Researchers have found that older adults who have a bleak outlook on aging tend to report more symptoms of physical health … Read more

Eat Junk Food..and Still Be Healthy?

Many people will tell you that to be healthy, you have to cancel certain foods. The offending edibles: Those brightly-packaged, cartoon-endorsed, highly-refined, ultra-delicious foods often found in center aisles of the grocery store. According to popular opinion, these “junk foods” come with lots of calories, but hardly any of the stuff the human body needs … Read more